Precalculus I Math 119 Syllabus

GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                                   Fall 2015

Course Title and Number:  Math 119 - Precalculus I

Required Text:            Algebra and Trigonometry, Sullivan (9th edition)

Instructor's Name:  Don Robinson


Office Location/Hours: H-23/MW 8:10 - 8:40 am, T Th 1:00-1:45 and 3:15-3:30 pm or by appointment

Phone:    301-784-5237 (leave message) Skype name: Odonata5237

Day and Time of Class Meetings:   MWF 8:40-9:50 H-40.                   

* Please Note:  Under extenuating circumstances, the instructor has the right to change any course provisions or requirements during the semester.

**  No Food, Drinks, or use of Tobacco Products Allowed in Class.

  I.        PURPOSE

A.        This course begins with a review of algebra.  The course progresses through the study of operations with exponents and radicals; solution of equations and inequalities; mathematical expressions and functions with domain, range, graphing, and notation; properties of graphs of linear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic functions; and solution of systems of linear equations.  The course is a first course of analysis for those planning to study Math 201 and the basic course for those planning to enroll in Math 200.  (A graphics calculator is required.  TI-83,84,85,86,89 or Casio 9970, FX-2, 9850G+ is recommended)  4 semester hours.  Prerequisite: Math 93 or 96 or equivalent.                                                

B.        Course Objectives:            

1.  Students will be able to simplify expressions involving integer or fractional exponents  and radicals, and perform operations on polynomials and rational expressions.

2.  Students will be able to graph and solve problems involving linear equations and  rational equations in one and two variables, and solve problems involving quadratic equations and applications.

3.  Students will be able to solve linear and quadratic inequalities and inequalities

     involving absolute values.

4.  Students will be able to identify algebraic functions in the cartesian coordinate system, perform functional operations, and graph functions.      

5.  Students will be able to perform operations, graph, and solve application problems  involving exponential and logarithmic functions.     

6.  Students will be able to solve systems of equations using matrices.

C. The following General Education Goals are covered in the course:

Scientific and Quantitative Reasoning

Critical Analysis and Reasoning  


A.  Attendance/Tardiness Policy

Students must attend class every day.If you continue to miss class, you will be dropped from the course to protect you from failing. Emegencies do arise, but don't miss more than three classes in a semester.

B.  Class Participation

Class participation will consist of appropriate questions via email or live, comments etcl. Note that if the student desires to pass the class and learn the material that is needed to continue the study of mathematics, then all of the assigned problems from a unit must be completed before the exam on that unit occurs. The assignments for the class is on the website. Look at the bottom of each lessson.

Out of Class Expectation: For each hour of class time, you will have at least two hours of out-of-class preparation possibly more: on textbook assignments. Few of these assignments will be collected or counted toward your grade, but in order to be a successful student you are expected to do all class assignments. Decide not to, and we'll see you again in math 119.

C.  Grading: Grades are computed on your total point value.  This includes exams and your final grade.  Usually, the point value grade corresponds to the standard percent scale.  The standard percent scale is as follows:                             90 - 100  A; 80 - 89 B; 70 - 79 C; 60 - 69 D.      There will be five 100 point exams, one at the end of each of the five units.       

"X" grades will be given only under very strenuous conditions; you must be able to prove you made an outstanding effort by showing ALL assigned homework and verifying perfect  or near perfect attendance.

D.  Extra Credit:  Not applicable.

E.     Tutoring, Extra Help Sessions, or Special Needs: 

Tutoring is available (and free!).  Contact the math Study Lab, H-66. See me during office hours, if you are having difficulties. If you have a disability which impairs your access to this course or your ability to pursue the coursework as it is presented, please see personnel in the Instructional Assistance Center.  (H-58)

ACCOMMODATING DISABILITIES In compliance with federal 504/ADA requirements, Allegany College of Maryland supports the belief that all "otherwise qualified" citizens should have access to higher education and that individuals should not be excluded from this pursuit solely by reason of handicap. The college is committed to the integration of students with disabilities into all areas of college life and offers support services intended to maximize the independence and participation of all students. The College complies with applicable state and federal laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination in the admission and treatment of students. Any student who wishes to receive accommodations must register with the Disabilities Services Office, providing documentation of the declared disability. Once documentation is received, the Director will establish eligibility for specific accommodations based on the student's documented functional limitations and the essential functions required within specific courses. Any student who wishes to declare a disability should contact Wilma Kerns or June Bracken at 301-784-5234, TDD 301-784-5001, or to obtain information and assistance.

F.      Acceptable Style/Format of Assignments.       

G.          Assignments are for your benefit.  If conditions warrant, the assignments will be collected.  This is your responsibility.  Assignments should be neat and legible. Most successful math students study and do assignments a minimum of 2-3 hours for every class hour. That means about 8-12 or more hours weekly for this class.

  Assignment Deadlines: Assignments are to be completed by the beginning of the next class.

H.  Plagiarism and Cheating

Cheating will not be tolerated.  The student handbook describes the policy in regard to this matter.  Familiarize yourself with the policy.

I.    Exams

Exams are announced and will be given approximately every 2 - 4 weeks.  Each exam will have a point value.  A final exam may be given at the end of the semester.

Make-up Exams will not be given under normal circumstances. You must have an acceptable reason for missing, and you must take the make-up when scheduled.  Make-up exams will be scheduled during the last week of the semester and will be different from the original exam, likely more difficult.


A.    Course Content:  <Listed separately, see course content below>

B.  List any assignment(s) which require the use of AC's  Library or any other libraries.  Not Applicable.

C.  Required student reading assignments.  Not Applicable.

D.  Recommended Readings.  Not Applicable, but read a lesson ahead in the text if you can.

E.  Supplemental Learning Resources

Supplemental learning resources will be used during  the semester at appropriate times. You’ll want to get a graphing calculator.

TI83,TI84,TI85,TI86, or TI89 are all appropriate, as are Casio FX-2, 9970, or 9850 G+. If you want to use a TI-Inspire you may, but I have no experience with it. Software like mathcad is very good, but there is no way to use it during exams.                                                                                               

MATH 119


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