What's Expected of the Instructor:

1. Answer any homework questions emailed to me within a day or two (except some weekends) of receipt of the question. My answers will be either audio, narrated video, or typed email if simple enough. The link to email me is on the 'Mail/Messages' page.

2. Use AOL messenger and/or MS NetMeeting for detailed Q&A during office hours, or other hours mutually arranged via email. There is a side benefit to the student to learn how to collaborate with a distant web user.

3. Grade all exams promptly after all exams are received, and provide appropriate feedback via audio, video, or email. I am not likely to return the original exams, but you will be able to learn from your mistakes if you make any. I will link to audio/video files with exam errata and eventually delete from the web. You are asked not to copy them.

4. Ask an occasional homework question requiring an answer you can email. Hopefully, this will prevent you from falling behind. In depth answers will be posted as required.

5. Keep a record of all email sent and received for the semester. I won't keep NetMeeting or messenger records.