Student Requirements

I would strongly suggest to the student that you watch and listen listen and take notes as you would in a regular class, pausing the video when necessary to keep up. After the entire lecture has been viewed/listened to, take links to other sites that have pertinent information if any are listed, and check the problems you were to attempt on your own. A necessary part of the learning process is to actually do the problems. If you merely take the links to see how I have worked out the problems, you will not learn the material, and may have major difficulties with the homework and exams. Of course, you can revisit the lessons at any time, and most homework and exam problems will be similar to worked out problems in the lecture. Check lectures out again if you get stuck on a homework problem.

I'm sorry to demand so much scrolling, but I can't think of a more efficient way to do this. You may print out the notes if you wish.