What is expected of students

1. Keep up with all assignments on a weekly basis as noted on the calendar found here. Note that the class material is easily navigated. If you take the link to the 'course materials' from the main class portal here you can click on the calendar to see where you should be working, then the appropriate unit and lesson. This will help with review also, as I have the topics listed on each unit's main portal. Each lesson has 'eyes' and 'ears' that are video and audio links that you should see or hear as an aid to the text and pictorial explanation.

2. Ask (via email) any questions on parts of the website or homework that you don't understand. The email links are on the 'Mail/Messages' page. Note that I make new video and audio files based on your questions, so feel free to ask. This helps me to improve your learning experience as well as those that take the class after you. In this way, you are helping future Calc III students!

3. Alert me as to any errors in the book or website you may discover. I'll fix the website, and alert the class.

4. Take the exams by the designated dates in the ACM or other arranged exam site(s). Note: alternate dates can be arranged via email if necessary.

5. Set up and use AOL instant messenger and MS Netmeeting for detailed help during office hours. If you use Yahoo or MSN, let me know, and I can arrange that as well. Also make sure I have your email address, and hopefully you will keep your email box cleared for large audio/video attachments. I'll try to keep under 2 MB, but it would be wise to get a Yahoo account. Yahoo currently (2004) will hold 100Mb of email with attachments.